Who We Are

Blue Ridge Bible Church is located in Kansas City, Missouri. Blue Ridge Bible Church began in a home as a small group Bible Study by folks who were dedicated to learning God's Word. As that Bible Study grew, it expanded beyond the walls of a home and into a building on Blue Ridge Blvd. The building has changed shapes several times over it's 50+ year history, but the constant at Blue Ridge has always been holding to the truth of God's Word and loving the people God sends through the doors.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been attending church for a long time or if you’ve never attended church at all. We do our best to make people feel welcome, and our church service reflects that. Friendly people, songs of praise, and challenging messages combined with a warm atmosphere make Blue Ridge a place people want to come to. 

We’re focused on living life the way Jesus did. We are not about "religion." We're all about a personal "relationship" with God and with people. Through our relationships with each other, we’re able to support and care for people. Through our relationship with God, we’re able to enjoy true life - life as God intended!