Sunday School

January - May Trimester

  • Start Here - DR. TOM STOLBERG, Fellowship Hall

    New to BRBC? This is a good place to start. Learn more about BRBC and basic Bible doctrine.

  • Adultish - Stephen Wirth, Room 102

    Women's 8-week class on Evangelism (June 5 - July 31) 

  • Agape - Cory Trowbridge, Room 106

    Current Topic: How to Have a Good Fight (and other marital skills)

  • The Incredibles - Jim Hale, Room 428

    A class for parents with teens.

  • Grace - Dr. Dick Biery, Room 42

    Current Topic: Christian Maturity - Christian, Grow Up!

  • Ambassadors/Fidelis - Dennis Myers, Church Library

    Current Topic: Galatians