Small Groups

We encourage learning and fellowship with other members of the body. Below is a current list of small group Bible studies, prayer metings, and fellowship opportunities. Please contact the church office or host(s) for more information.

  • Adult/Mixed Groups

    • Prayer Meeting: Sundays @ 5-6pm (at Pastor Scott & Kelly Sundin's)
    • Small group: Thursdays @ 6:30pm (at Pastor Scott & Kelly Sundin's)
    • Philadelphia (young couples): Wednesdays @ 7pm (at Kyle & Abbie Sundin's) - Current topic is the Book of Revelation.
  • Women's Groups

    • Journey: 2nd Tuesday of each month @ 9:30am (in the Church Library)
  • Men's Groups

    • Geezers Lunch: 4th Tuesday of each month @ 12:30pm (Applebee's on 291 in Lee's Summit) 
    • Iron Sharpens Iron: Apr 16 - May 28; Saturdays 8am; each week an individual study for men with discussion/prayer/brainstorming/fellowship (in Room 202)