Truth with Grace

Have you ever been river rafting? It’s an exhilarating experience; it’s also a lot of work. As the river narrows and turns, the raft is thrust against the rocks on the left or the thorn bushes on the right. Hitting either can severely mess up your trip, so the rafters have to paddle hard to stay in the middle of the channel. 

Here at Blue Ridge, we are paddling hard to stay in the middle of the channel as we navigate God’s Word. On the left we have the sharp rocks of compromise – it’s the constant temptation to water down the truth of the Bible because it’s hard to swallow and often politically incorrect. On the right are the thorn bushes of strident, holier-than-thou legalism that doesn’t recognize that we all grow at different rates and that we are all human.

We try to stay in the middle, graciously living and loving one another, even as we all seek to bring ourselves into conformity with the truth, God’s Holy word.